Our Story

Founder, Meek began with a mother's quest to find chemical free soaps that did not aggravate her son's eczema. Her journey took her through training, certification, and years of practice producing all natural chemical free handmade soaps. She now offers these sustainable natural handmade soaps to your family through Soapmomento. 


Our products are made with 100% organic/non-GMO oil formula and therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils.

We use the authentic cold-processing method to make the majority of our products. Our products are made with 100% all natural ingredients which mean NO toxins, NO harmful chemicals such as Paraben, Sulfates, SLS, Phthalates, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic colorants, and NO preservatives.

We also pursue sustainable, eco-friendly, zero-waste, and plastic-free products to protect your health and the environment.

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sustainable, zerowaste, plastic-free product

the earth for our children.